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Personal, in-depth 1-on-1 training and consulting from an ex-NBA and overseas pro basketball player, Steve Castleberry

About Big Man Training


Steve Castleberry is a 7ft-tall basketball player who has played professionally for 6 seasons all over the world, including the NBA.

Hard work and great coaching is what propelled Steve from being cut his sophomore year of high school, playing JV his junior year, to getting a Division 1 scholarship, to playing in the NBA. It is never too late to get started and improve. All a player needs is guidance and motivation.

Steve has helped coach Division I, II and III college athletes in the US as well as players in Guam, Czech Republic and China. He teaches what he has learned directly from Hall of Fame level NBA players, legendary coaches, Division I coaches and overseas coaches.

Direct Contact

This is a rare opportunity to get thoughtful, thorough analysis and advice directly from an ex-NBA and overseas professional player.

In-person sessions available for 1-on-1 or groups in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Online consulting and training programs also available.

Reach Steve directly at 727-489-4381 or

Unique Offerings

Every basketball player has unique skills and abilities. It is important to capitalize on strengths and improve on weaknesses in order to become the most effective player possible. Allow Steve Castleberry to be your guide to help you reach new levels of success.

High level, personalized training is what I offer to all ages, positions and skill levels. High level training is what makes the difference between those who make it, and those who do not.

As a 7 footer, I specialize in training the power forward and center positions. I have enough experience to also train point guards, shooting guards and small forwards. As a complete trainer, I can help from the ground up, from building a solid base of fundamental skills to fine tuning top level athletes. There is always room to improve.

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